Crown Equipment Corporation

Below is an onboarding app I designed and prototyped as a personal project for
Crown's co-op program to help ease 
new hires into the company. I have more work that will be directly implemented in the company but due to confidentiality, I am unfortunately unable to show it publicly. 

Timeline: Fall 2018 + Summer 2019
Role: Interaction Design Co-op, 
Research, Benchmarking, UX/UI Design,
Wireframing, User Testing, Prototyping

I began my research by self-reflecting on my onboarding experience during my two semesters working for Crown. By interviewing other co-ops and newly hired full time employees, I learned that my onboarding looked a lot different than other people's and that there were gaps. This began my deep dive into learning the ins and outs of good vs bad onboarding.

What is onboarding?
By definition, onboarding is the act or process of orienting and training

a new employee.  

Why is it important? 

1. It reduces employee turnover & anxiety  
2. It allows new employees to be productive quicker

3. Teaches new employees about roles within the company


Business Case 
The co-op personal projects are always presented to the entire design center at the end of the semester. Since this was my second and last co-op with Crown, I knew I wanted to create a compelling business case for the higher ups to actually see the benefits of what this type of application could do for their co-op program. 

Crown Co-op Statistics

On average, Crown Design has 8 co-ops per term. It takes about a week before a co-op gets up and running on their first project due to filling out paperwork, setting up phone, setting up computers, getting software up and running, etc.










User Interviews
To gain a better understanding of how onboarding was viewed by different groups of people,
I interviewed both my peers and managers from various 
design departments. 

Peer Frustrations
“I had no idea what team I was on”
“I didn’t know anyone’s names or who I could actually ask for help”
“I wasn’t sure where to go on my first day”

Peer Onboarding Wishes

  • Explanation of personal project

  • Links to information about area + Crown located in one space

  • Explanation of teams and who is who in the Design Center

  • To-do list in one spot for onboarding tasks

Manager Onboarding Wishes

  • A way to track which step hiring process is at and know who owns the next step

  • Warning notification when certain actions are forgotten/overdue

  • A prompt to remind new hires to ask questions as they’re coming in

  • The ability for the new hire to get some tasks done prior to starting on first day


The next step of my research was to begin benchmarking. I looked into other well known companies and applications in order to get a sense of what I thought would be beneficial for the application I would create for Crown's co-op program. 



This phase of my process involved creating and testing initial wireframes, task flows,
and implementing my visual language.