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This is an onboarding app I designed and prototyped as a personal project for Crown's co-op program to help ease new hires into the company. I have more work that will be directly implemented in the company but due to confidentiality, I am unfortunately unable to show it publicly. 

Crown Equipment Corporation

Onboarding application designed for new hires

Fall 2018 + Summer 2019 co-op

Style: 2D animation, UX/UI

Role: Research, UX/UI Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Interviewing, User Testing

Peer Frustrations

"I had no idea what team I was on"

“I didn’t know anyone’s names or who I could actually ask for help”

"I wasn't sure where to go on my first day"

Onboarding Wishes

Peer Onboarding Wishes

  • Explanation of personal project

  • Links to information about area + Crown located in one space

  • Explanation of teams and who is who in the Design Center

  • To-do list in one spot for onboarding tasks

Manager Onboarding Wishes

  • A way to track which step hiring process is at and know who owns the next step

  • Warning notification when certain actions are forgotten/overdue

  • A prompt to remind new hires to ask questions as they’re coming in

  • The ability for the new hire to get some tasks done prior to starting on first day






Task Flows

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