Prostate Cancer Patient Education

Patients and their caregivers face an overwhelming amount of changes to their life
when they are diagnosed with cancer. Over the course of the semester, the Live Well team sought to better understand and optimize the prostate cancer journey at the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center. 

Project Team:
Bain Butcher: MD, MFA, Faculty Project Lead

Cecilia Wang: Post Doctoral Fellow, Team Lead
Matt Anthony: Design Research Lead
Munazza Aijaz: Post Graduate Fellow
Morgan Beatty: Communication Design Co-op

Timeline: Jan 2020–May 2020
Client: UC Cancer Center
Role: Lead Animation Designer, Research,
Interviewing, Storyboards, Persona Development,
Client Communication, Journey Mapping,
User Testing, Prototyping

Patients and their caregivers are immediately introduced to an entirely new world–from terminology to treatment options to navigating the hospital. It is critical that UCCC offers patients the best experience and the clearest means of education throughout their trajectory. The Live Well team sought to learn more about what is going well, what is less successful, what the pain points are, and how to prioritize all of this information. The information gathered by Live Well and given to UCCC will help the cancer center gain a better understanding of what their clinicians, patients, and caregivers experience, to allow them to better deliver superb care. 


The prostate cancer patient journey is highly complex and personal. Currently there is anxiety and confusion for patients regarding conceptual way finding and decision making. Current educational resources do not meet this challenge. 

Project Goals

better understand & optimize the prostate
cancer patient journey experience at ​UCCC

highlight key decision 
making points in the journey for patients 

identify key stakeholder pain points in the patient journey both in an inpatient & outpatient setting

The team benchmarked different visual styles of journey mapping, compared highly ranked institutions, educational tools, and gathered existing supportive resources from internal and external sources. A key insight from the research phase was that in order to improve a patient’s anxiety and mental state, it is necessary to provide them with clearer education and awareness around treatment. 

After conducting 20 interviews, it was agreed upon that all patients prefer human guidance above
all but would benefit from a variety of tools that adapt to both their learning style and personality. The LWC team began creating educational tools to help enable and extend human support. 

Tools Used


Over 20 interviews were done to understand 

the current patient journey, key stakeholders involved, patient education, and pain points around decision making. 

Card Sorting Activity

The team developed a card sorting activity that patients used to rank their preferred educational tool to aid them through their cancer journey. 

Patient Journey Mapping

Key touch points were mapped across the stages of a patient journey, beginning at

pre-diagnosis and following through to next steps/after care. 

Persona Development

The team developed a set of personas to help understand how different tools could be suitable for different individuals with various needs. 


The Live Well team decided to focus on delivering educational resources to patients:
Educational Video Suite (Animation + Point Counterpoint), Prostate Cancer Stakeholder Ecosystem, Patient Journey Map, and an Information Hub Website. 

PSA Overview Animation


PSA Storyboard-01.png
PSA Storyboard-02.png
PSA Storyboard-03.png
PSA Storyboard-04.png
PSA Storyboard-05.png
PSA Storyboard-06.png
PSA Storyboard-07.png
PSA Storyboard-08.png
PSA Storyboard-09.png
PSA Storyboard-10.png
PSA Storyboard-11.png
PSA Storyboard-12.png

Survivorship Overview Animation


Survivorship Storyboard-01.png
Survivorship Storyboard-02.png
Survivorship Storyboard-03.png
Survivorship Storyboard-04.png
Survivorship Storyboard-05.png
Survivorship Storyboard-06.png
Survivorship Storyboard-07.png
Survivorship Storyboard-08.png
Survivorship Storyboard-09.png
Survivorship Storyboard-10.png

Point Counterpoint

Prostate Cancer Stakeholder Ecosystem

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 7.52.38 PM.png
Patient Journey.png

Patient Journey Map