The Treehouse

Animated Educational Video

Style: 2D animation

Client: self (undergraduate senior capstone project)

Skills: Research, Illustration, Storyboarding, Script, 

Character Design, Animation

Acting as a safe haven for adolescent children,

this empathetic animation promotes healthy coping strategies to support adolescent children ages 9-14

who are dealing with parents battling drug addiction. 

DAAPcares Best in School, School of Design

DAAPcares Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award


Voice Talent: Character 1 voiced by Alasdair MacKenzie, Character 2 voiced by Lazarus Cevic, Character 3 voiced by Melissa Dever, Character 4 voiced by Vincent Caruso

Scene 1: you are not alone


This character reminds children that they aren't the only ones going through

these hardships. In fact, a lot of kids are going through similar circumstances. 

Scene 3: you can't control it


This character reminds children that they can't control the choices their parents make. They are taught about self-care and how to deal with perfectionism. 

Scene 2: you didn't cause it


This character teaches children caregiver role reversal and introduces the coping strategies of journaling, reaching out to a trusted adult, and learning a new hobby to combat feelings of guilt. 

Scene 4: you can't cure it


This character reminds children that they cannot cure addiction. This final scene wraps up each of the strategies the previous characters have taught.