The Treehouse

Acting as a safe haven for adolescent children, this empathetic animation promotes healthy coping strategies to support adolescent children dealing with parents battling drug addiction. *Project in-progress*

Timeline: Summer 2020 + Spring 2021
Role: Research, Illustration, Storyboarding,
Script, Illustration, Animation

Created + Animated by Morgan Beatty
Voice Talent: Character 1 voiced by Alasdair MacKenzie,  Character 2 voiced by Lazarus Cevic, Character 3 voiced by Melissa Dever, Character 4 voiced by Vincent Caruso


The primary audience will be adolescent children who range in age from 9–14. Research shows that this age range is when children are old enough to understand what is going on and the consequences that occur from their parents' addictions. 

This animation is being created as a tool for therapists or counselors that have working knowledge on these topics to use in helping children process their trauma and learn how to cope.

The last thing I want to happen is for a child to watch this animation and not be able to be immersed in the story due to the characters not reflecting what they look like. These amorphous characters were created with inclusivity in mind and are portrayed as imaginary friends. 

Illustrated Storyboards

Initial Storyboards
The animation will revolve around the following four topic areas based loosely around the 3 C's of Al-Anon. Scene 1 you are not alone, Scene 2 you didn’t cause it, Scene 3 you can’t control it, and Scene 4 you can’t cure it. 

Asset 31.png

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