Hello, I'm Morgan!
My love for creating begins at a very early age. My grandma often reminds me how much I enjoyed filling my days with drawing and coloring with anything I could get my hands on. This remained true throughout grade school and college, and got me to where I am at today — at the end of this April, I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Communication Design from the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) along with minors in Psychology and Fine Arts.  

As far as personality tests go: I am an ISFJ and Enneagram 2, and my Zodiac reads Libra Sun and Cancer Moon. In other words, I am a highly intuitive and empathetic person who believes wholeheartedly in meeting people where they are in life because you never know what someone is going through just under the surface. 

I hope to grow as a designer and animator in a role that allows me to not only create lasting designs, but also work with people to help make their lives better. I am seeking full-time
or freelance employment after graduation!

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