Oh, Baby!

Oh, Baby!  is an application that guides new parents through the crucial decision of vaccinating their children. It is a safe space where parents can learn about the importance of vaccines to their child’s health, not feel pressured or overwhelmed by medical jargon, and keep track of their child’s vaccination schedule & appointments.

Timeline: Fall Semester, Aug 2019–Dec 2019
Role: Research, UX/UI, Wireframing,
Prototyping, Interviewing, Journey Mapping,
User Testing, Brand Identity

Project Team:
Halie Jo Bryer, Communication Design
Madeline Sturgeon, Communication Design
Morgan Beatty, Communication Design

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First time parents are often overwhelmed and confused by the information given to them at the doctors office about vaccines. Currently there is no regulated way of distributing proper information at beneficial times for these new parents. 


Research Methods 


The team focused on establishing a list of experts on the topic and professionals in the field to contact. We collected a list of interview questions for email conversations, phone calls, and in-person interviews.



A survey was distributed on social media to

get a vague idea of a general public’s opinions

and feelings on the topic of vaccines. The team

targeted a subgroup of parents, specifically pregnant/new mothers who were unsure if they 

were going to choose to vaccinate or not.


User Journey Maps

Looking at the pregnancy journey through 6 months, we put together a map of a pregnant mom-to-be. We classified visits by looking into

the appointment, information given, conversations with the doctor, the parent’s thoughts during each stage, and timeline of vaccinations.

After conducting 20 interviews, it was agreed upon that all patients prefer human guidance above
all but would benefit from a variety of tools that adapt to both their learning style and personality. The LWC team began creating educational tools to help enable and extend human support. 

user journey map-01.png

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